2018 AHA Camp is here again. Booking Details below

A message from Melissa our Treasurer and Camp booking Officer

Australian Hapkido Association
Autumn Camp – 6-8 April 2018

– Myuna Bay

All registrations close COB Wednesday 16 March 2018 –
It’s fun, it’s friendly, it’s exhausting and exhilarating, it’s the AHA’s annual Autumn Training Camp!
The camp is a great mix of training and fun that will allow you make a huge leap in your understanding of Hapkido and at the same time meet other like-minded martial artists. In this environment you get to meet and train with other students and instructors – including our 7th, 6th and 5th-dan masters and direct training under Master Brown – all of whom will provide helpful hints, training tips and new challenges – this sometimes includes ‘Aquakido’, where Hapkido meets the swimming pool!
Myuna Bay Sports and Recreation Centre is located at Wangi Road Myuna Bay NSW 2264:
·       1 hour drive north of Hornsby (Friday night traffic leaving Sydney may extend this)
·       40 minutes drive south of Newcastle
The full camp price includes all meals and accommodation from Friday evening till Sunday after lunch. Note the last training session of the camp is Sunday morning 9 am to 12 noon, followed by lunch and tidy up of the lodges. Most people depart by 2 pm, although we have access to the site until 4 pm. Dinner is served at 6.30pm sharp. We realize that not everyone can arrive by that time on Friday night, so if you want to join us for dinner on Friday night please be sure to note this on your AHA registration form.
Accommodation is in 2 large lodges, each of which is divided into a number of rooms with bunk beds and each of which has a large common area with 1 -2 large screen TVs and DVD player, covered outdoor seating area and common kitchenettes. This year we are using the large McGregor Lodge (where each room sleeps 6 people) and smaller The Vines Lodge (where each room sleeps 4 people). The lodges have heating and airconditioning and each bedroom has its own en-suite bathroom, fan and storage shelving. The complex also has various sporting facilities available to us during our stay including the pool, tennis courts, a putt putt course, beach volleyballs court, basketball courts etc (BYO equipment – balls, racquets, clubs, etc).
Bring a pillowcase (mandatory – camp rules) and either (1) a sleeping bag or (2) sheets and a doona, also toiletries. (Pillows are supplied). A suggested packing list will be provided closer to the camp weekend.
Full Camp
Adult (18 years of age and over) – training and non-training
Non-training parent/guardian supervising one or more training child/ren
Child (5 to 17 years) – training and non-training
Preschooler (2 to 4 years)
Day Only
(includes lunch)
Non-training parent/guardian supervising 1 or more training child/ren
Please ring Melissa
*Note: Myuna Bay have raised their prices a little this year.
To reserve your place at the camp you need to do the following by 16 March:
1.    complete the Dept of Sport and Recreation’s online Medical and Consent form – note: a separate form is required for each attendee. This is compulsory whether you are training or not – i.e. non-training parents/guardians must complete a form for themselves too. The information that Sport and Recreation need about you includes:
a.     medical conditions – food-related allergies (because our program is catered)
b.    special diets (because our program is catered)
c.    medication – emergency contact details – media consent
The Medical and Consent Form is available online and is easy to complete. Please complete the Medical and Consent Form at
If for any reason you are unable to complete the online form please contact me – preferably by phone or SMS – and I will assist (if necessary I can take your details over the phone and submit them for you).
It is vital that you enter the following details to complete the online form:
Booking Number:        525807
Booking Start Date:     6/04/2018
Booking Venue:          Myuna Bay Sport and Recreation Centre
Once you submit the form the information is sent to the Centre so the staff can prepare for your visit. They, in turn, send a copy of their updated attendee list to me at regular intervals so that I can check that everyone who should be on the list actually is and sort out any discrepancies.
2.    make your payment to your instructor.
3.    send me an email before the close date. This email should include the following:
a.     the names of those attending from your family plus their ages and belt levels
b.    brief details of any special diets
c.    details of your payment (date, amount) OR of when and how you intend to pay
d.    identify any attendees that are non-training parents/guardians
e.    if you will be joining us for dinner on the night of Friday 6 April.
4.    notify your instructor of your intention to attend, and ensure that your name/s and details are added to his/her master list.
Note 1: The NSW Department of Sport and Recreation requires that we confirm our numbers at least 3 weeks prior to the camp. For this reason, it is vital that you register prior to 12 April. We can reduce our numbers and/or make substitutions after that date – e.g. if a booked person drops out we can fill that place with another person – but CANNOT add to our numbers. So if you are even thinking about attending or can’t be sure of your availability, book before 16 March anyway – if you subsequently find you can’t attend just contact me (Melissa – see at the bottom of this email) as soon as you can so I can reverse your booking. Easy!
Note 2: There is a limit of 100 places at this camp, due to the number of beds available and the size of the training hall. Places will be allotted on a first come, first served basis. Preference will be given to persons booking for the full camp. Persons wishing to come for the day only will have their places confirmed only after all full camp attendees have been accommodated.
Note 3: Parents/guardians!: All children will be carefully supervised during training sessions over the weekend – just as they are during their regular classes -HOWEVER, we do not provide general supervision for unaccompanied children. If you have a child or children under the age of 15 years who wish to attend the camp unaccompanied by you, you will need to first discuss this with their instructor. Either your child’s instructor or another adult from their club must agree to act as guardian to your child/ren for that weekend for your child/ren to be able to attend.

Any questions?
Can’t be sure you can attend? Payment issues? Can I back out after I’ve registered?
You can contact Melissa Rees by email: melissa_rees63@yahoo.com.au or on 0403 814 347 (anytime – I am not working currently)

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