hapkido-trial-pass3 Session Trial Pass


We  offer a Trial Pass to allow you to try out 3 classes before you   decide whether to join up. As Hapkido covers so many areas of martial arts, each class is different and may be focussed towards particular areas such as kicking , punching, boxing, groundwork, falling, stretching and meditation, weapons, patterns and drills, sparring or self defence and pressure points.

As a new student you will get a much better understanding of what Hapkido is if you get to experience at least 3 sessions. That way you can make an informed decision when it comes to joining our club.

We recommend the 3 Session Pass of Hapkido to all potential students yet it is not a requirement if you want to join up right away.


3 Session Pass

Adults $55

Child/Student $45

(Student fees offered to those studying full time after school)

 *For more information on the classes at Northern Beaches Hap Ki Do, contact