About Our Dojang 

The Northern Beaches Hapkido school runs out of Empower Martial Arts Centre. The Korean term for a Training Hall is a Dojang (as opposed to Japanese Dojo).

The Dojang is a modern facility, comprising of a 240 square metre training area. The floor is fully sprung and matted with high quality jigsaw flooring ideal for sparring, falling, groundwork and rolling.

It features a full array of full length kick/punching bags, boxing equipment and all styles of martial arts kick pads to allow the instructors to give variety in their training methods. Street parking is available as well as a drive through drop off area well suited for the earlier Kids classes.

It offers change facilities, shower, men and women’s toilets along with a seated rest area ideal for parents watching kids classes or for student socialising.

This Dojang is one of the best equipped in Sydney, and blends an Eastern feel with Western decor to offer a unique training experience to men and women of all ages. Conveniently located in Brookvale is remains central to the Northern Beaches and Mosman areas , and it is  the Central Headquarters for the Australian Hapkido Association.