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It is that time of year again, where the AHA hosts our annual Hapkido Tournament. This tournament is an event which allows all of our clubs from around Australia to compete in a friendly, yet competitive environment. Our founder Grand Master Kim was always a big believer that our Style of Hapkido was not to be based on Tournament Fighting, and winning alone. However, he did encourage us all to come along and take part in this tournament for us to be able to practice our skills against other Hapkidoists, and to gain valuable insights into controlling our emotions and actions when under pressure, handling nerves and most importantly learning humility if you were not the ultimate winner. Nowadays the Tournament is overseen by our AHA President and Technical Director, Master Kevin Brown, and run with the dedicated help of the Senior Black Belts and Instructors throughout the AHA.

In the past, our club Northern Beaches Hapkido has had a strong attendance at the AHA tournaments, with a great day had by all, some excellent results and friendships made. It is a long day, but those competitors come back home exhausted yet full of memories and stories to tell. Last year we had a strong contingent of students and adults who performed very well and more importantly had a ball. We currently have such a great bunch of our Brookvale students, at all different levels, ages and  with such great skills. I would love to see us represent our club and get a strong attendance this year.

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See the next blog for full Tournament rules or speak to your instructor if you have any questions. Below is a condensed version of events.

Thanks for your enthusiasm and participation.



There will be Sparring : Novice – Yellow Belt and Green Tip. Intermediate – Green Belt to Blue Belt and Senior Belt – Red Tip to Black Tip. There is also a Black Belt Division – 1st to 3rd Dan.

There will also be Male and Female divisions as well as age and weight group divisions.

There is also a Patterns competition. Contestants must do the Pattern or Self Defence drill from their current belt level. Black Belts: 1st Dan – Eagle Pattern, 2nd Dan – 1st Pole pattern, 3rd Dan  – 2nd Pole Pattern. If you have graded within the four weeks before the tournament you may do the pattern or drill from your previous belt level. Note: Black Tips will do their drill, not their pattern.

There are the usual Self Defence routines: These routines are always interesting and entertaining and greatly improve participants self defence skills. A 45 second drill depicting a Self Defence scenario. There are Junior, Senior and Black Belt divisions as well as kids divisions for under 16s.

Breakfalling: A Flying Cat Roll competition will be open to those Green Belt and up in Junior, Senior and Black Belt Divisions.

There is a single entry fee of 25 dollars and competitors can compete in as many divisions as they qualify for. Entries must be received by the AHA not later than Friday 22 August.

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