Andrew Dunn


Hapkido Northern Beaches: Andrew Dunn

1st Degree Black Belt

1)  When did you start Hapkido?

Early 2001

2)  How long have you been training in Martial Arts, did you do anything before Hapkido?

I started training in 1998 in GoJu-Ryu Karate. I initially started as a way to keep fit as I found getting motivated to go to the gym difficult.

3)  What made you choose Hapkido?

Curiosity to see what other martial arts were out there. I was keen to try something different and was looking at various styles. I walked into the Brookvale Dojang one Saturday afternoon and have never left. I was impressed with how dynamic and varied Hapkido was – it wasn’t just punches, kicks and blocks – there was also a mix of very cool stuff – falling, throwing, joint manipulation and locks. It also keeps evolving with additions like groundwork over the past few years

4)  Hapkido covers so many aspects of a Martial Art, which is your favourite or the one that suits you the most?

At the moment self defence techniques – there is problem solving element to successfully defending against punches, grabs and holds and no right or wrong way to effect a technique as every opponent and circumstance is different – good for the brain to work quickly under pressure.

5)  As an instructor, what motivates you to come down and teach?

Watching students develop is a great source of satisfaction and it allows me to put something back into the club after years of soaking up knowledge from others. It is also personally challenging – how well do I know the techniques, how well am I explaining them.

6)  What is one of the best books you have read?

I am an avid reader of books but the one I pick up every few years and read again is catch 22 – ‘ He was going to live forever, or die in the attempt’ – great read.

7)  Interests outside of Hapkido?

Family,  Any sport, live music, food. Hapkido has proven to be beneficial in other aspects of life. I have a reasonably stressful job and I really believe the past 10 years training has equipped me better to handle pressure and stress, to slow the brain down and determine where to focus my efforts. It has also enabled me to keep fit and active which is important with a young family as thankfully I can still keep up with them.

8)  How long can you see yourself training Hapkido? 

When I stop learning I will stop training so I have no intention to stop as I have much to learn.

9)  What do you like about our Club at Northern Beaches Hapkido?

Awesome depth of experienced instructors, great facilities, very friendly atmosphere, good hard training  – and the mats are somewhat forgiving on older bones.