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Australian Hapkido Association Tournament Rules
  The aim of the tournament is to promote the spirit of Hapkido and to provide association members with the opportunity to meet and participate with people from other dojangs. All students are encouraged to participate. Participation will challenge students and allow them to set goals,...
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SUN   16th AUGUST - Venue Niagara Park Sports Stadium near Gosfordtourn 1 It is that time of year again, where the AHA hosts our annual Hapkido Tournament. This tournament is an event which allows all of our clubs from around Australia to...
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Our congratulations goes to the following people who Successfully Graded and showed that they were ready to move on to their next level of training when we kick back off next year.


Chad Geister, Sebastien Devaux, Jerome Fontaine, Stephen Choi,            ...

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Congratulations to our worthy recipients of our Inaugural Northern Beaches Hapkido Award.

This award is given to a student who has put in a fantastic effort throughout the year, has shown commitment in attendance at class, true Martial Arts spirit and focus in their training and most of all...

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