• Black-Belt-HapkidoThis is where the true journey begins and it all gets even more interesting. At this point the students learn how to utilise their tools. They are taught to re-evaluate  their skills, refine and enhance what they have learned to make them a well rounded Martial Artist.
  • Once achieving their Black Belt 1st Degree there is a structured pathway to continue to higher levels of competency and effectiveness. This usually involves the use of smaller movements, less force and often less spectacular looking techniques, yet the end result is usually more effective end result in a shorter time.
  • This Syllabus section has focussed primarily on technical content and the self defence side of Hapkido. The Personal Development and Character Moulding which occurs when learning Hapkido far outweighs the physical component.
  • The following link illustrates the Syllabus from 1st to 5th Degree levels in Hapkido.

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