• Black-Tip-belt-hapkidoSelf Defence taught from unorthodox positions of preparedness such as sitting cross legged, in chairs, laying down etc
  • Use of Jangbon or Long Pole as weapon. Student develops forearm strength and co-ordination in handling a long weapon. This develops the basics for the Jangbong patterns taught after Black Belt level
  • Introduction to Eagle Pattern, which is essentially the Black Belt pattern that encompasses all of the hard, soft, flowing , kicking and throwing aspects of Hapkido covered thus far.
  • The students at this point feel like they have covered an enormous amount of training and techniques. They have usually been training for 5-6 years and are  well equipped in their ability to defend themselves, have increased confidence and respect for themselves and their peers, and their fitness levels are looking good. What they won’t realise until later, is that they have been in the process of gathering all of the tools to help them along this journey

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