Hapkido-Bruce-LewisBruce Lewis

Black Tip

1)  When did you start Hapkido?

Started in 2001 at Northern Beaches Hapkido

2)  How long have you been training in Martial Arts, did you do anything before Hapkido?

Trained from 2001-2010 consistently in Hapkido. This last year I have been battling along with a shoulder injury which incidentally was not related to Hapkido, more so due to some interesting dismounts from my Dirt bike and mountain bike. I trained in a version of Tae Kwan Do called ‘Challenge Arts’ from 1997-2001 Reaching Black Belt level.

3)  What made you choose Hapkido? 

I passed the sign for Northern Beaches Hapkido everyday on Pittwater Road , Brookvale and eventually decided to give it a go. I did try Kick Boxing & Jujitsu after ‘Challenge Arts’ closed down but was not convinced that these had what I was after.

4)  Hapkido covers so many aspects of a Martial Art, which is your favourite or the one that suits you the most?

I like all aspects of Hapkido and Martial Arts. Being able to enhance my general lifetime experience and being able to stay active is my favourite.

5)  As an instructor, what motivates you to come down and teach?

Initially I was motivated by the fact that both of my boys trained in Hapkido. I would come down and help out teaching those classes. Teaching kids  is often challenging but I am finding it rewarding to see them take it in and show us changes in many ways.

6)  What is one of the best books you have read?

I enjoy action novels. The ‘Jack Reacher’ novels by Lee Child are particularly good action packed books.

7)  Interests outside of Hapkido?

I am interested in anything where your mind and body remain active. Water skiing, Wakeboarding, Motor Cross and mountain bike riding, Climbing, Surfing, Paddleboarding are all some of the outdoor activities I enjoy most.

8)  How long can you see yourself training Hapkido? 

Until I find that injury time overtakes my ability to achieve my personal goals.

9)  What do you like about our Club at Northern Beaches Hapkido?

I enjoy training with our Masters Matt and Steve at Northern Beaches Hapkido. There is a great camaraderie within our club here in Brookvale. I have been training with a lot of my peers for over 12 years now and have made many good friends along the way.