hapkido-chad-geisterChad Geister

Red Tip

1)  When did you start Hapkido?

My first experience of Hapkido was with my dad out in the backyard on the trampoline learning to cat-roll. I officially started training when I was about five years old which makes it about 2003.

2)  How long have you been training in Martial Arts, did you do anything before Hapkido?

I have been training in Hapkido for about 10 years now. This makes up most of my life, it’s the only Martial Art I have done. Before that I used to just do what 4 year olds tend to do (whatever that is).

3)  What made you choose Hapkido? 

My dad, It runs in the family. Not sure if I had much choice as to which Martial Art I was going to do.

4)  Hapkido covers so many aspects of a Martial Art, which is your favourite or the one that suits you the most?

My favourite aspect is the falling and self defence, I also enjoy having fun throwing myself around.

5)  As an instructor, what motivates you to come down and teach?

To have the opportunity to pass on the techniques and knowledge that I have learnt to other students. I remember it not feeling that long ago when I was one of the kids in the kid’s classes looking up to the instructors thinking wow, I can’t wait to do that stuff. Now that I assist in teaching those classes, it’s pretty cool being able to be one of the Instructors to help motivate the kids.

6)  What is one of the best books you have read?

One of the best books I have read is a book called Gone and is a series that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

7)  Interests outside of Hapkido?

I love doing most things that involve being outside and in the water. Although my other main passion is basketball, I also play soccer, go downhill skateboarding, water skiing, wakeboarding, standup paddleboarding and surfing. I have also been known to relax or chill out with a PS 2 basketball game or just watching a good movie.

8)  How long can you see yourself training Hapkido? 

Although it seems like I have been training for a long while, I can still see myself training at Hapkido for many years to come. There is so much more for me to learn and my dad and I agree that there is no rush for me to get my black belt until I am ready. 

9)  What do you like about our Club at Northern Beaches Hapkido?

I like that our club is easily accessible from where I live whereas some other clubs are further away. There are so many really nice people who train down there, and even though I am a fair bit younger than them, they have always been very good to me. I have been training in the adult’s classes from when I was officially still too young to do so, but I found that they have all accepted me as one of them and it has definitely helped me get better at challenging myself.