Fitness from doing Martial Arts in Sydney

Fitness from doing martial arts

Ever since the ancient orients invented and started practicing martial arts, it has literally pervaded the world. There are martial arts lessons everywhere today, in Sydney, in New York, in London and almost every other city or region you travel to. The popularity of martial arts is due to several inherent aspects that the discipline carries. There are many different elements that combine to make a Martial Art, self defense, fitness, spiritual and the simple need to belong to a certain group of people who practice these. Fitness from martial arts is one of the most cited reasons as to why people take up the practice. Fitness from martial arts takes on many different forms.

Physical fitness

Due to the strength, agility and flexibility exercises that martial arts students are trained in, a student


Fitness from doing matial art

will notice an increase in their physical fitness. There are various exercise and components that must be adhered to in order to practice martial arts. These are warm up exercises, strength and endurance exercises  along with flexibility exercises. All these components and exercises work towards developing a greater level of Physical fitness.

Mental fitness

Martial arts is centered around discipline, and while training the practitioner begins to learn how to master their emotions. To be cool, calm and collected even when faced with situations that would test this calm. Martial arts requires one to implement the old adage that says, ‘mind over matter’. In order to train your body well, you must first train your mind. 

Emotional and spiritual health

Another element of martial arts is meditation. This is one way to stay in touch with your inner self and make sure that your ‘chi’ flows correctly. This requires emotional and spiritual stability. Mastering these two aspects of life take a long time of dedicated training. 

Martial arts is an all round discipline that will develop your body mind and your emotions. 

Hap Ki Do is a martial arts in Sydney that can assist you in achieving your martial arts goal.

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