hapkido-beltHow Do I Join Up?


To join up and start training all you need is to purchase a Starter’s Pack and choose which training fee option works best for you.


Starters Pack Includes:

  1. Hapkido Uniform – 10 oz Black cotton, embroidered with AHA badge and includes white belt
  2. Australian Hapkido Association (AHA) Training Syllabus
  3. Full membership to AHA
  4. Full membership to Northern Beaches Hapkido Club
  5. Personal Injury Protection Insurance  (provide link to Sportscover Insurance Document)
  6. Important notes for beginners
  7. Membership Oath
  8. Key Ring
  9. Drink Bottle
  10. All in a drawstring training bag


Starters Pack

Adults $195

Child/Student $175

 For more information on the classes at Northern Beaches Hap Ki Do, contact